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Bug Pinger - Counter Surveillance Receiver

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Product Description

BUG PINGER is triple mode detector with a new function, "Pinger mode". This Pinger mode works like a soner of submarine and gives out a cracking sound, any Hidden bugs will pick up this sound and then transmitt it through the air & thats when the "Bug Pinger' picks up the radiowave from the bug again. From this cycle, the Bug Pinger calculates the distance between itself and the hidden bug enabling you to find it much easier than using a traditional bug detector.

  • Pinger Mode
    By this function, Bug Pinger calculates the distance to the hidden bugging devices.
  • Alarm Mode & Receiving Mode
    Electronic alarm synchronized with LED meter helps you to locate hidden bugs.
    Receiving mode is very helpful to eliminate false alarms is.

Technical Specifications

SIZE... 37 (40) x 69 (74) x 174 (184) mm / Antenna O14.5 x 115 (shortend) - 615 (extended)mm

WEIGHT                              293g (including battery) / Antenna 28g
POWER SUPPLY                "AA" (R6P / LR6) type battery (1.5V ) x 4
BATTERY LIFE                    Approx. 5 hours (by alkaline battery, alarm mode-waiting condition-.
MIN. SENSORING LEVEL    Transmitter power 0.05mW
ALARM MODE                     LEDs & Syncronizing electric alarm indicates the presence of bug and distance from it.
RECEIVING MODE               Helps you dis-criminate between the bug wave and others.
PINGER MODE                    Using pinger sound like submarine's sonar, LEDs indicates distance from

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