4G 1080P Hidden Camera Kit - Portable

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Product Overview

4G 1080P Hidden Camera Kit - Portable


This product is a hidden camera kit which can be accessed from anywhere in the world using our phone APP on the 4G mobile phone network, it has an onboard recorder and can accommodate up to a 128GB SD memory card.
The ability to access live images remotely is a game changer in the surveillance industry especially if the subject is highly surveillance aware, surveillance agents no longer to endure hours and hours of static surveillance to obtain information about a subjects movements.

This product has many applications:

  • Body Worn
  • Vehicle Fitment
  • Home or Office Fitment
  • Outdoor Installation


  • Full HD resolution REC
  • HD transmission capability
  • Support FHD camera & NTSC/PAL video input
  • Encrypted video and audio data transmission
  • H.264/265 video compression
  • Bit rate auto adjust with current bandwidth
  • Two way audio & emergency push notice
  • Support 128G high capacity SD card
  • Motion Activation Recording
  • QR code scan link, setting free
  • One key operation, easy to use
  • APP operation both on iOS / Android system