Apple Computer Monitoring Software

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Product Overview

Mac Computer - Monitoring Software
Our powerful Mac Computer data capturing software can be installed onto any version of Apple laptop or desktop computer, Once installed it will capture 100% of the data automatically and then send it to your personal account on the secure web server for which you can view it at anytime from any other computer.

This computer monitoring software will capture absolutely all the computer activity from logging keystrokes, screenshots, web browsing and file activity automatically.

You'll no longer be kept in the dark, all of their computer activity will be right in front of you at all times. This application is 100% safe as is completely hidden from the user so it will never be discovered.

Catch Cheaters
Is your partner cheating on you, how will you ever know for sure? Not knowing one way or the other can cause you a mental breakdown. You have a right to know if your partner is being true to you and if just only for the sake of your mental & physical well being.

Protect Children
How will you ever know if your child is being pursued by sexual predator? The truth is, you'll never know until it's too late. The lack of 'proof-of-identity' required by most social media apps allows anyone to register a completely bogus profile, they could be anyone! Mobile apps are always changing from trend to trend and this gives online sexual predators an ever changing platform from where to pursue their targets. Did your child make it to school or home from school?  Are they planing to meet someone in secret? Where are they now?  Who are their new friends?  Don't stress, spy on their mobile phone and monitor all of their activities to ensure their safety.

Monitor Employees
Your business is your life blood which you've spent years building and maintaining, don't let some stupid employee ruin you overnight. Poor growth and bad trading figures are good indicators that something may be wrong, are you employees sending work elsewhere or pocketing some of your earnings? Business espionage is more common than you think and some businesses have collapsed as a result. See where your employees are at all times, see what they’re doing, and see who they are talking too.  Spy on your business mobile phones and protect your business & intellectual property.

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