FL-330 Contact Microphone

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Product Overview

FL-330 Contact Microphone

FL-330 released as a successor of SK-300. FL-330 is equipped with a pin-less doulble faced flat contact microphone. Because there is no contact pin, no need to worry about breaking it. It endures rough use. As to the amplifier we refined the amp. of SK-300 and succeeded obtaining high-quality sound. Inheritting SK-300's genes, FL-330 joined the lineup of our wall contact microphone.


  • Double-faced flat mic - the contact microphone of FL-330 has two sides. One of them is a regular side which picks up the wide range of frequency that contains a large information volume. Another side is a reverse side which picks up human voice mainly.
  • Amplifier - the amplifier of FL-330 inherits genes of SK-300. In addition to its easy operation and compact body FL-330 has another advantage. It is a recording output which especially tuned to IC recorder. By using IC recorder you can obtain clear recording

Technical Specifications


 Product Name FL-330

Amplifier 76(85) x 56 x 21mm, Microphone Ø31 x 24mm, Cord Length 1m

 Weight Amplifier 134g, Microphone 63g
Power Supply 006PV x 1
 Battery Life

50hrs (alkaline)


Ø3.5mm mono (mic)


Ø3.5mm stereo (ear), Ø3.5mm mono (rec)

Product Structure Amplifier, Flat MIC, Stereo Earphone