Bluetooth Mobile Phone Recorder - iPhone & Android

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Product Overview

Bluetooth Mobile Phone Recorder - iPhone & Android

This clever little product can wirelessly connect to any mobile phone with Bluetooth to record telephone conversations, simply pair this device to your phone and then use it to receive/make calls when you require recording.

All recorded audio files are stored in MP3 format which is compatible with either Windows or Mac Computers, the audio file clarity is of exceptional quality.
Each file is time/date stamped and stored in the devices onboard memory 4GB. This product can also be used as a stand alone audio recorder.


  • Automatic Recording when synced with your phone
  • Auto Power Off
  • Built in Speaker & Microphone
  • High Quality Recording


  • 8Gb Memory (New)
  • Time / Date Stamping (New)
  • 20hr battery / HQ Mode (New)
  • 12hr battery / General Recording
  • 9Hr Battery / Bluetooth Recording
  • 2Hr Battery Charge Time
  • 20x113x11.5mm Dimensions
  • 20 Grams