AXIS 720p Covert Pinhole Camera Kit

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Price: $795.00

Product Overview

AXIS 720p Covert Pinhole Camera Kit

The AXIS 720p Covert Pinhole Camera Kit is a cost effective Network Camera kit with a HDTV 720 pinhole lens Camera and a recorder main unit.

The Pinhole camera can be mounted in small objects such as Alarm System PIR sensors, Smoke detectors and also behind walls or inside air conditioning vents.

The Main unit features a micro SD card slot for on-site recording and can also be connected to a network router for live monitoring and/or recording either on-site or remotely using the free AXIS software.

This kit is ideal for covert surveillance and has a large number of applications.


  • P12 Mk II Main Unit Included
  • F1004 Pinhole Sensor Unit Included
  • Suitable for Covert Surveillance
  • 1280 x 720 Resolution at 30 fp