BB32 BlackBox Audio & Video Recorder with Night Vision

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Product Overview

BB32 BlackBox Video & Audio Recorder with NIGHT VISION

The BB32 720P HD Night Vision DVR is an all-in-one audio & video recorder contained in a small black box which you can strategically conceal in your home, office or near your vehicle to capture movements. Concealing the BB32 is quite easy and you are only limited by your imagination. Place it virtually anywhere in and around your possessions to see if anyone is stealing or snooping around.

This BlackBox DVR can be set to trigger recording on motion, body heat, sound, vibration and also features external trigger options inputs which allows you to connect your own sensor such as a door switch.

  • Turn any household item, from a tissue box to a teddy bear into a hidden camera
  • Keep an eye on your desk at work
  • Catch a thief in your stockroom or vandals damaging your vehicle
  • Use it anywhere and anytime you need the best in covert surveillance.  
Choose how you want to record:
  • Based on PIR motion, body heat, sound, vibration or at a specific time.
  • Or just set the BB Camera to record continuously.
  • All videos are recorded to a Micro SD card for simple transfer to any computer
  • PIR Body Heat Sensor
  • Select-able Day and Night Modes
  • Adjustable Orientation
  • All Videos Time Stamped
  • Frame Rate and Video Resolution Adjustment


  • Motion Activated
  • Microphone
  • Video Camera
  • SD Card Storage
  • Mains and/or Battery Power
  • Night Vision
  • Compatible with Windows and Apple Computers


  • BB32 Night Vision Hidden Camera DVR
  • 5V DC Power Adapter
  • 2.0 USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide