Bug-Mini S11E Covert Audio Recorder

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Product Overview


BUG-mini products are very small Audio Recorders which are used to collect sound in a wide range of surveillance applications, they will automatically detect, create & store audio files simultaneously onto either onboard or removable memory for later analysis, each audio file is 'Time-Date' stamped which makes logging and identifying specific events easy. These BUG-Mini products are have been worldwide by professional surveillance agents, they are now available to the greater community for the pursual of truth, protection of vulnerable people or animals.

BUG-Mini S11E Covert Audio Recorder

The Bug-Mini 11E is a battery operated recorder which can last up to 236 hours, the 11E measures approximately 37mm x 17mm x 14mm and can detect sounds from up to 9 metres away depending on background noise. This product features a removable battery and memory SD card which is an advantage for users who with to leave the recorder deployed for extended operations, the user can simply exchange the battery and SD card with fresh ones within seconds leaving the recorder deployed whilst analysis of the audio recordings on the previously installed SD card is carried out.


Height 36.7
Width 17.7
Thickness 14.2
Case Metal
Battery life in record mode up to 236 hours
Power supply battery LR1 (1.5 V)
Built-in microphone sensitivity up to 9 m
Max flash memory 32 Gb
Audio codec 8 bit, 16 bit, 20 bit
Audio recording mode Mono
Recording format WAV
Frequency band 3 Hz - 13.536 kHz
Dynamic range 60 dB
Sample rate 8, 16, 24, 32
Controls button
Indication of operation LEDs


  • Voice recorder S11E
  • Memory card microSDHC - 32GB
  • SD adapter for microSD
  • Card Reader
  • Battery LR1 of 1.5 V   2 pcs.
  • User Manual
  • CD with software