Bug Mini A113 - "Weeny" Audio Recorder

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Product Overview

The Bug Mini A113 is from the "Weeny" family of products which are the tiniest and the lightest audio recorders in the world!, the A111 measures in at 37mm x 15mm x 4.5mm and weights only 4 grams.

It has an internal memory, a very simple and intuitive operation via only 2 buttons. This audio recorder also has a sophisticated and efficient proceesor chip which resulted in very low battery consumption, this meant that we could construct its size a great deal smaller than most other audio recorders

The A113 also has a new digital microphone with a 24-bit codec that provides excellent recording quality with acoustic sensitivity up to 15m.

The simple operation allows you to turn it on quickly and start recording in a matter of a second or two

The A113 also features a system of built-in markers which allows you to check the absence of editing records, confirming the time and date of recording, type and a serial number of the recorder on which the recording was made which is crutial for evidence for courts.

The A113 can be connected to both Windows and Apple computers, most portable tablets and other devices that support external media connections, the A111 recorder can also connect to your phone, so you can easily playback, delete records and configure the settings straight from your phone!


  • Voice Activation System (VAS)
  • Timers to start recording at any given time
  • Linear and circular recording
  • Built-in clock, calendar, attachment of records to time and date
  • Password protection of the access to records
  • Tamper-Proof files for Court evidence with Built-in markers to determine data authenticity
  • Control and indication: on/off buttons and LED
  • Audio data record in wav format
  • Direct connection to the PC via external drive (flash drive)
  • Low current consumption
  • Records' digital signature
  • Status indication with one LED
  • Operates under a wide temperature range from 0 to + 50C, under the conditions of shaking or dust.


Power supply

rechargeable battery 20mA




4 g


17 hours*

Microphone sensitivity

15 m

Charging frequency

once in six months

Signal-to-noise ratio


Dynamic range


Sampling rate

8, 16, 22 kHz

Frequency band

from 100 to 10 000Hz

Exchange rate

300 KB/s

Bit depth

Up to 24 bit

Information carrier

internal non-volatile memory