Bug Mini B120 Spy Audio Recorder

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Product Overview

Bug Mini B120 Spy Audio Recorder

The Bug Mini B120 is a very small professional covert audio recorder weighing in at only 5.5 grams with the battery installed, this device is voice activated and can capture human voices from up to 15 metres away.

The B120 has a special feature which automatically switches on the device when the battery is inserted, batteries are a standard and inexpensive CR2016 coin battery and can be purchased from many supermarkets and chemist outlets.

The built in memory is 256mb which can hold up to 19 hours of quailty audio recordings, the battery is good for up to 80 hours.


  • High clarity recording
  • Sensitive digital microphone MEMS
  • Low level of own noise
  • Maximum recording quality up to 24 bit and 22 kHz
  • Direct connection to the PC (Windows or Apple)
  • Connecting to a smartphone / tablet via OTG cable
  • Automatic switching on (the recorder starts recording immediately after installing the battery);
  • Low battery consumption (slightly more than 1 mA in recording mode);
  • Voice Activation System "VAS"
  • Linear and circular notation
  • Password protection of access to the content of records
  • Configuration using a text configuration file
  • Single LED status indicatio
  • Support for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/Apple and other operating systems that support connecting external devices
  • No special software required


Thickness 8,5 mm
Diameter 24,5 mm
Weight 3,5g (5,5 with battery)
Case Plastic
Record time
(memory capacity in hours)
Battery life in record mode up to 80 h
Power supply Battery CR2016
Built-in microphone sensetivity up to 15 m
Built-in flash memory 256 Mb
Audiocodec 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit
Recording format WAV
Compression method uLaw
Frequency band 0,1-10 kHz
Dynamic range 90 dB
Sample rate 8, 16, 22
Indication of operation LED
Voice Activating System YES
Timer recording NO