Computer Keyboard Keylogger - USB

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Product Overview

Computer Keyboard Recorder KeyLogger - USB (16GB)

This product is a Keyboard keylogger designed for use with wired USB keyboards for Windows and Apple computers, it is inserted inbetween the Computers Keyboard USB port and the Keyboard.
This keyboard logger will record every keyboard key typed with a Time & Date Stamp,  It has 16GB of memory which will amount to around 6 months of normal keyboard usage.
The KeyLogger captured data can be accessed by typing in the correct password onto the same computer to reveal the menu, the whole keylogger system is also completely undetectable from the computer operating ssytem and it antivirus software so it can remain completely undetected.
  • Plug and Play installation - working within seconds 
  • Large 2GB memory capacity, allows for months of keystrokes to be recorded under normal use. 
  • No new software to install or learn 
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Time & Date Stamped
  • Undetectable from security scanners 
  • The device can be unplugged for retreival of keystrokes on another computer 
  • Does not use any system resources

Technical Specifications

  • Large 2GB Memory capacity 


  • KeyLogger USB

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