Keystroke Keylogger - Keyboard Complete

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Keystroke Keylogger - Keyboard Complete

This product has a factory-installed keylogger integrated into its electronics inside the keyboard housing, this type of installation guarantees full stealthiness as the keylogging module is not visible to the user at all.

The Keylogging hardware cannot be detected by the computers anti-virus software nor to the operating system or any other of the computers security features.

The keylogs strokes will be secretly captured and recorded onto the onboard 16Gb memory which can be accessed by keying in the secret code to reveal the Kelogging menu.


  • Standard generic keyboard fitted with integrated keylogger
  • Sophisticated USB frame capture algorithm with 32X oversampling
  • 16GB of built-in memory, equivalent of years-worth of typing
  • Switches to flash drive mode with a special key combination
  • Easy to configure and access
  • No software, drivers or configuration required, works straight out of the box
  • High quality keyboard with professionally integrated circuit