Computer Keyboard Keylogger - USB

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Price: $199.95

Product Overview

KeyLogger USB / Computer Keyboard Recorder


Do you know what your partner or children are doing on the the internet? Are your children taking unnecessary and dangerous risks in chat rooms or via instant messaging?
Protect your investment from on-line hazards and predators with the KeyLogger USB. This device is a keyboard logger / recorder which will record every keyboard key typed.
It has 2GB of memory which will amount to around 6 months of normal keyboard usage.
The KeyLogger can only accessed by with password protected menu system.
Installation is very easy as it ts discretely between the keyboard and the PC's socket connection. It's also completely undetectable from the PC user as it requires no software or drivers
Plug and Play installation - working within seconds 
  • Large 2GB memory capacity, allows for months of keystrokes to be recorded under normal use. 
  • No new software to install or learn 
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Time & Date Stamped
  • Undetectable from security scanners 
  • The device can be unplugged for retreival of keystrokes on another computer 
  • Does not use any system resources

Technical Specifications

  • Large 2GB Memory capacity 


  • KeyLogger USB