FL-1000 - Contact Microphone

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Product Overview


FL1000 - Wall Contact Mic. 4band & with Flat Mic. IC recorder

The FL-1000 is the flag ship contact microphone model, it is equipped with a highly sensitive contact microphone machined out of brass billet housing with a brass needle, this product also features an inbuilt IC recorder, the microphone needle can pick up sounds through stud walls, concrete pillars and metal pipes as vibration which is then amplified and heard as sound through the FL-1000

The FL-1000 also features a Sound limiter which protects your ears from the sudden loud sound output, it works by automatically turning down the volume when amplifier detects a sudden louder sound sound, the volume is then automatically returned to normal level with in a second or so.Another great feature is the onboard intelligent Sound Filter, it works by extracting a specific frequency range from the all the sounds picked up from the contact mic, for example, when it is set to “HC” mode the FL-1000 cuts out the high frequency sounds and emphasizes on the low frequency sounds.

Sound Filter Modes

TH Through
HC Cut high frequency
LC Cut Low frequency
ME Cut sound except for human voice

The FL-1000 has an internal rechargeable battery, the 550mAh battery lasts around 15hours when using only the contact microphone function, battery life is otherwise approximately 50 hours with charging time around 2.5 hours.Another innovation of the FL-1000 is the built in IC recorder, it has memory capacity of 4GB and can store 70 hours worth of data, you can also move the data from the FL1000 to a PC by connecting it via the supplied USB cable.


Product Name FL-1000
Size Amplifier 111 x 64 x 24mm, Microphone Φ33 x 29mm, Cord Length 90cm
Weight Amplifier 176.5g, Microphone 136g
Power Supply Lithium-ion battery 3.7V 550mAh
Charging time 2.5hrs
Battery Life 15hrs
File Format MP3
Built-in Memory 4GB
Input Φ3.5mm mono (mic)
Output Φ3.5mm stereo (ear), USB
Accessories Stereo Earphones,USB Earphones,USB Cable


  • 1 x FL-1000
  • 1 x Contact microphone
  • 1 x Stereo earphones
  • 1 x USB Earphones
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Double sided tape