WAM-108T Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor

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WAM-108t Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor

The WAM-108t Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor is a high specification portable handheld multiband detector for the detection and logging of all types of radio frequency devices. Designed for the ever increasing threat from more sophisticated and higher frequency RF devices, the WAM-108t provides complete coverage and logging of all activity in the surrounding area.

The WAM-108t is designed to detect and locate transmissions from all types of Radio Frequency devices. It contains an unprecedented eight separate RF detectors operating simultaneously to give complete RF coverage: 1 x 0-14 GHz Wideband, 5 x Cellular 2G/3G/4G and 2 x Wifi/Bluetooth 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The 0-14 GHz Wideband detector provides the highest range of coverage of all RF activity in the target area. The frequency of the detected signal (up to 6GHz) can be seen simultaneously and the new ‘Livescan’ software shows the detected live signal pattern graphically to help identify the signal type. This can be particularly useful when searching for pulsing or burst devices such as GPS trackers.

The five cellular bands offer complete detection of all 2G/3G/4G mobile based devices including mobile phones, smartphones, vehicle trackers, GSM listening devices (bugs) and covert wireless 3G/4G cameras. There are now more devices than ever using these cellular bands and the WAM-108t ensures they will all be detected.

The WAM-108t also has a separate 2.4 GHz and a new 5 Ghz band for the rapidly growing threat from Wifi/Bluetooth/Video and other latest generation ‘Store & Forward’ devices. Such devices can for example, record audio over long periods and then transmit it in short regular bursts. It will also detect other devices that use these bands such as covert wireless video transmitters. Complex algorithms analyse the detected signal to help identify the signal type. ie. Bluetooth, Wifi, or other 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz signals.

The WAM-108t can be used in any environment where radio frequency detection is required such as sensitive meeting rooms/offices to check for hidden listening devices, covert cameras, unauthorised mobile phone usage in offices, exam halls, hospitals or prisons and in vehicles to locate hidden GPS tracking devices. Multiple high gain amplifiers ensure detection up to 50 meters depending on signal strength and ambient conditions.

The frequency/band of the detected signal can be seen simultaneously and the new ‘Livescan’ software shows the detected live signal pattern graphically to help identify the signal type.

Up to 4000 events can be stored within the WAM-108t for viewing as list or graphically. For each detected signal (no matter how long or short) it will record the Time/Date, Duration, Band/Frequency detected and Signal strength.

The WAM-108t is supplied with our new JJN Digital Viewer software for Windows based computers. The memory log can be downloaded to a USB Memory Stick and viewed on a computer in an easy to read graphic or list format.

The WAM-108t is designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest specification and is enclosed in customised machined aircraft-grade aluminium enclosure. The complete system is supplied in a heavy duty military standard carry case for ultimate protection.


  • Flexible Multiband Whip Antenna Long (Wideband)
  • Flexible Cellular Antenna (Medium)
  • Rigid 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Antenna (Short)
  • Directional High Gain Antenna – LPA14
  • 5V DC Charger - 110V to 240V AC input (Auto Switching) with International Adaptors
  • USB Memory Stick with Data Viewer Software for Windows based computers.
  • Earphones
  • High Protection Military Standard Carry Case