Digital Audio Voice Recorder 8GB

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Product Overview

Digital Audio Voice Recorder 8GB

This Digital Audio & Voice Recorder can covertly record any surrounding voices and audio, all while being disguised as a USB memory stick. 
It features a hidden, secret switch on the back for either sound activation for automatic voice recording or constant voice recording.

It has a long battery life of 25 days when used in voice activation mode. Total battery life when recording is 24hrs and is dependant of the number of activations (max 999 seperate files)

The USB Digital Audio & Voice Recorder is a similar size to a USB memory stick, measuring 68 x 11 x 21mm & weighs 14.7 grams

Days Hours
25 0
20 4
15 9
10 14
5 19
0 25

This model has an internal memory of 8GB which is enough to store 288 hours of audio.



 Built-in Microphone

  8GB of Storage (288hrs)
  25-day Standby Battery
  Covert Memory Stick Design
  Hidden Switch
  Listen to files through USB
  Sound Activated

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