RAKSA iDet - Professional RF Detector

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Price: $770.00

Product Overview

RAKSA iDet - Professional RF Detector

RAKSA iDet Selective RF Detector can be used to detect and locate in near field a wide variety of radio transmitters used for secretly transmitting information.

RAKSA iDet detects:

  • Cellular phones: GSM900/1800, UMTS(3G), CDMA450
  • Cordless DECT phones
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices
  • Wireless video cameras
  • Radio transmitters with analog modulation (AM, FM, PM)
  • Radio transmitters with digital modulation and continuous carrier (FSK, PSK, etc.)
  • Radio transmitters with wideband modulation up to 10 MHz bandwidth.

RAKSA iDet Selective RF Detector is a superheterodyne receiver with low IF and frequency synthesizer which can scan and analyz within a cycle period of 1.0-1.5 seconds.

RAKSA iDet can operate on guard, sweep, search, difference search modes and monitoring of digital signals.

Special Features:

  • Selective reception of radio signals
  • High speed of scanning and analysing
  • Detection of wideband and digital signals
  • Adaptation to the background noise in Guard Mode
  • Difference search mode
  • Audio monitoring
  • Signal frequency and level measurement
  • Alarm events log
  • Soundless alarm indication (vibration mode)
  • No need for an external antenna