UV Anti-Theft Powder Detection Kit

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Product Overview

UV Theft Powder Detection Kit

Catch thieves red handed! Simply dust a light layer of the powder or a thin coating of gel over an article of choice. Wait until someone has had contact with the object, wave the UV light over their hands to reveal the truth.

This kit includes the anti theft powder and gel compounds in white, red and green. Each compound lends itself to a certain type of situation.

White Anti Theft Gel and Powder

A Clear, Invisible Compound for the discreet stain-staining of skin and clothing. The stubborn white stain only becomes visible under ultraviolet light and can remain on the hands for several hours; which is more than enough time to catch your thief.

Green Anti Theft Powder

An Invisible UV Particle based Tagging Powder suitable for use on most surfaces and materials. Invisible UV Particles remain on skin and clothing and only show-up under UV Light.

Red Anti Theft Gel

A Dark Gel suitable for indoor use on dry non-porous surfaces. Skin is stained red on contact with the gel. A secondary invisible stain (which is revealed only under UV light) remains even when the primary red 'visible' stain is removed. Not suitable for use on paper money or documents as it will stain them red!

Note: The length of time the stain remains detectable on skin depends on how often and how well the suspect washes their hands.

Package contains:

  • 10ml White-Hand Stain Gel and Powder
  • 10ml Red-Hand Stain Gel
  • 10ml Green staining Powder
  • 4 Applicators
  • 2 Sets of Latex Gloves
  • 1 Permanent UV Marker
  • Forensic UV Torch