W300 - 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker

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Price: $479.00

Product Overview


W300 3G GPS Tracker

The W300 3G GPS tracker is designed for automotive cars and trucks for fleet and/or personal management, the W300 is typically installed in a secure location underneath the vehicles dashboard and features internal and external GPS antennas with an integrated GNSS module which gives high coordinate accuracy, as well as operating on GPS and GLONAS positioning systems, this combination allows connects to more satellites to better determine accuracy position, this feature also allows very quickly recovery of a GPS fix after it is lost, for example when the vehicle enters and exits a tunnel or underground car park.

The W300 3G GPS tracker is supplied completely programmed and synced to our Locate-GPS platform so there is nothing for you to do, we can even reconfigure additional settings remotely once W300 has been installed into your vehicle. The W300 GPS unit also supports remote firmware update over GPRS, so we can easily update the latest firmware version to your unit at any time.

This GPS Tracker is ideal for managing fleets or locating vehicles during emergencies or after a theft.


LOCATE-GPS Service Platform

The Locate GPS Tracking Platform is a web based GPS Tracking service which uses Google Mapping, this service is provided along with a Telstra SIM card and is available either by:

  • Subscription / deducted monthly (*12 Month Plan)
  • Outright Yearly

The Platform includes features such as:

  • Multiple vehicles
  • Live Monitoring
  • Live Dashboard
  • Track History
  • Multiple Track Generation
  • Message Data Extraction with Address Locations
  • Reports
  • Geofencing
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Multiple Users

The Platform also includes tools such as:

  • Track Player
  • Distance Measuring
  • Area Measuring
  • Address Identification
  • Routing
  • Locate nearest Units to address
  • LBS Detector

The Locate-GPS Platform is easy to use and can be accessed by a:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop Computer
  • Tablet
  • Mobile phone application on either iPhones or Android devices


* 12 Month Plan

  1. the 1st month included in the initial purchase sum
  2. the balance of 11 months is deducted by way of installment.
  3. the purchaser agrees for his/hers credit card to be billed monthly for the installments.