LawMate® BU-13CCK Button Camera Kit (Monochrome)

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Product Overview

LawMate® BU-13CCK  Button Camera Kit  (Monochrome)

The LawMate® BU-13CCK is a pinhole camera Kit consisting of a monochrome camera with interchangeable assorted screw and button heads, the camera connects to any LawMate DVR which has a 2.5mm round pole connection or can be connected to any other video or visual device via the standard video/audio connections

Main Features

  • Inter-changeable front lens
  • Black and white video image
  • High quality resolution CCD sensor
  • Variable application with LawMate Wireless Kit & Recording device
  • Sensitivity Improved drastically than regular pinhole color
  • Low lux 0.2 , F2.0 to work in day & night weather condition