LawMate® PV-CC10W Camera DVR - Coffee Cup Lid (WiFi)

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Product Overview

LawMate® PV-CC10W Camera DVR - Coffee Cup Lid (WiFi)

The PV-CC10W is an Audio and Video recorder concealed in the lid portion of a takeaway coffee cup, this product takes surveillance to a whole new level and no one will ever suspect that this coffee cup lid is a high end video and audio recorder

Use it in mobile whilst or static in surveillance to observe your subject, you can even place it on a table facing towards the subject area whilst your not there and view the footage live on your phone over WiFi.


  • Peer to peer Wi-Fi (view from your smartphone)
  • 30 Frames per/second video
  • Select from either 720P or standard file resolution
  • 150 Minute Battery
  • 8Gb SD Supplied / 16Gb SD Max
  • 3 Standard Coffee Cups Supplied
  • Compatible with Windows & MAC computers