LawMate® PV-UC10i Camera DVR - USB Charger (WiFi)

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Product Overview

LawMate® PV-UC10i Camera DVR - USB Charger (WiFi)

The LawMate® PV-UC10i is a Audio and Video recorder concealed inside a USB power supply, simply plug the unit into a power-point which faces towards your subject area. This product has WiFi feature and can be connected to your WiFi network which allows it to be viewed from anywhere in the world via your mobile phone. Just download our viewer APP and connect.


wi-fi-icon.png Wi-Fi Enabled

 Built-in Microphone

video-icon.png Video Camera
apple-logo.png iPhone App
android-icon.png Android App
microsd-icon.png MicroSD Card Storage (32GB Supported)
remote-access-icon.png Remote Access
covert-design-icon.png Covert Design
hidden-controls-icon.png Hidden Controls
icon-usb.png 5V / 1A USB port
motion-activation-icon.png Motion Activated