LL-1 Wired Microphone

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Product Overview

LL-1 Contact Microphone

The LL-1 is a wired microphone kit which consists of a "Listening Post" main unit and a 25 metre wired microphone, this product can be used for permanent installations whereby the microphone can be placed in one area and the listening post can be placed up to 25 metres away in applications where audio transmitters are not appropriate.


 Product Name LL-1
 Size 22 x 64 x98(112 ), Microphon Ø7mm x 25m
 Weight 148g, Microphone 28g
Power Supply 006P9V x 1
 Battery Life 70hrs (alkaline)
Input Ø2.5mm mono (mic)
Output Ø2.5mm mono (ear), Ø2.5mm mono (rec)