S300 PRO - Magnetic GPS Tracker 14 Day Battery

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Product Overview

S300 PRO - Magnetic GPS Tracker

The S300 PRO GPS Tracker is portable GPS Tracker which is water/dust resistant, it also features a strong Neo-Magnet which can be attached to the underside of trucks, trailers, caravans, cars and even be placed inside water vessels such as boats and Jetskis.

This GPS tracker is also suitable for use covert applications for tracking vehicles, shipping containers and delivery packages.

Some clients also use this GPS tracker to track employees for safety and compliance purposes, the GPS unit features an SOS button which can be programmed to send an emergency alert notification with a GPS location to the operator.

All our Locate-GPS products are a hassle free form of tracking, each Locate-GPS product is programmed and synced to automatically send location data to your personal "Web Account" on our website platform, the data is stored there for 90 days at a time and you can login from anywhere at anytime to view it.

Website Tracking Platform accounts

All Platform "Web Accounts" are supplied with corresponding term SIM cards managed by us so there is no messing around with registrations and credits - just select 3, 6 or 12 month subscription in the options menu.
The location data is sent to your personal website account and stored in such a way that you can easily see movements in real-time and also see historical movements giving you locations, times, dates and stationary duration.

You can login from:

  • a desktop computer
  • a laptop computer
  • any smartphone using our special app which is available for FREE from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

S300-3G PRO GPS - Specifications

  • 670hrs Standby time - No reporting
  • 320hrs battery life - 5 Minute reporting
  • 200hrs battery life - 30 Second reporting

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