Phone Call Recorder Software (Manual)

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Price: $195.00

Product Overview

Manual Telephone Recorder Software

Our Call Recorder software is a convenient, user-friendly application for recording telephone calls to your computer hard disk or server for storage and later retrieval.
Used in conjunction with our Telephone Recording Adapters, Call Recorder is an extremely powerful tool for all businesses regardless of size. It's low entry cost makes it the ideal call recording solution for small business, SOHO, home, customer contact centres and departments within large corporate organisations.
Call Recorder Software provides advanced features which make call recording, retrieval and play back simple and easy. It comes in a Manual and Automatic version to meet your call recording requirements.
The simple installation, set-up and operation means you can quickly implement your call recording solution, without the need of any tools or a technician.

This version of software is suitable for applications where you want to manually start, stop and pause a telephone recording by using the Function Keys (F1- F9) on your PC keyboard or your Mouse


    •    Easy to install and operate.
    •    Support for our USB Telephone Recording Adaptors
    •    Auto File naming - with time and date stamp.
    •    Selectable recording quality - allows you to determine the temporary HD disk space used for the raw recording.
    •    Selectable file format - allows compression of raw recording before saving file.
    •    Auto post processing to move, compress or Zip files.
    •    Use Function Keys or mouse to activate Record/ Pause/ Playback.
    •    Play recorded conversations through your PCs Sound card to speakers or headset.

    •    Play pre-recorded messages or beeps to the Telephone Line

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 or 10
  • Available USB port

Phone Adapter Type

  • Standard Adapter - This type of adapter connects to the telephone line before the telephone and is used is with standard type analogue phones
  • IP Phone Adapter - This type of adapter connects to the telephone handset and is used with Internet / Digital Type phones (I.P Phones)