MW-25 Contact Microphone

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Product Overview

MW-25 - Contact Microphone

MW-25 is our most economical model & equipped with a highly sensitive microphone.
The MW-25 is the successor to the popular MW-22.
  • Equipped with same silver contact microphone found in high-end models
  • Light weight and strong body
  • Easy operation
Technical Specifications
Product Name MW-25

Amplifier 21 x 55 x 70(85)mm, Microphone Ø30 x 17mm, Cord Length 1m


Amplifier 116g, Microphone 48g

Power Supply

006P9V x 1

 Battery Life

70hrs (alkaline)


Ø2.5mm mono (mic)


Ø3.5mm stereo (ear), Ø3.5mm mono (rec)