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About Us

Spy City was established in 2005 to fill a gap in the market for quality surveillance devices, our products are sourced for different suppliers from all around the world. Each of our suppliers specialises in a particular type of product, Spy City has a policy of not purchasing products from third party suppliers (resellers), this policy ensures that you the client receives the best service possible.

Our surveillance devices are generally used for Investigations, Enforcement and Compliance purposes.

We supply Government departments:

  • Defence
  • Corrections
  • Law Enforcement
  • Compliance

We also supply the public:

  • Investigators
  • Media
  • Private citizens
  • Businesses
  • Corporations

Spy City does not supply any products which are restricted or banned from sale under Australian Law however we recommend that legal advice be obtained prior to purchasing/using any of our products given their nature.

The law and use of some of our products in particular circumstances may be illegal, Spy City staff can provide you with advice about how best to use a particular product however we are not legal advisors and cannot provide you with legal advice concerning a particular product(s) and your particular circumstances, for example we may give you advise on how to connect a telephone recording device to a telephone, that advice should not be interrupted as it been lawful to do so, Spy City is also under no obligation to inform you that a particular use of a particular product in particular circumstances may be illegal.

Please contact a local law advisor if you are unsure about the legal use of the product(s) you intend to purchase from Spy City.

Orders can be placed online through this secure website, orders can also be made over the phone by calling the numbers listed.

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