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3D Surveillance Audio Recorder

3D Surveillance Audio Recorder

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The 3D Audio Recorder is a professional stationary stereo recorder which is unique in having three digital microphones and two memory card slots!

It features an in-built 24-bit audio codec ensuring maximum recording quality in the most difficult conditions, as well as high acoustic sensitivity (up to 18 m) and a wide dynamic range (24-bit).

The recordings contain the presence of markers allowing confirmation of the authenticity of the record in court.

The captured Audio Recordings are stored on onto 2 x microSD cards up to 256GB, which provides up to 1 year of data recording.

Height 98 mm
Width 98 mm
Thickness 20 mm
Weight 66 g
Case Plastic
Battery life in record mode up to 150 h
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Built-in microphone sensetivity up to 18 m
Compact flash card capacity 4GB 2pcs
Audio recording mode Stereo
Recording format WAV
Frequency band 0,6-15 kHz
Dynamic range 65 dB
Sample rate 8, 16, 32
Controls button
Indication of operation LED
Voice Activating System YES
Timer recording YES
Battery charging time 3-4 hours
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