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B120 - Professional Covert Audio Recorder

B120 - Professional Covert Audio Recorder

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The B120 is a Professional Covert Audio Recorder as used by Law Enforcement and Investigators alike, it has an automatic start and stop recording feature when the battery is installed or removed, this secret recorder can work up to 80 hours on one battery and the battery are a common cell type and is available from many retailers

One of the additional advantages is the ability to contact a PC or smartphone directly, without installing additional software. The voice recorder is simply defined as a removable disk with recorded files and a settings file at its root.

A modern digital microphone using "MEMS" technology is installed in this recorder for high recording quality allowing you to record with quality of 24bit 22kHz.

This product has no flashing lights or makes any kind of beeping noise, it also cannot be detected using RF finders as it does not transmit a frequency and is invisible to NLJD.


Thickness 8,5 mm
Diameter 24,5 mm
Weight 3,5g (5,5 with battery)
Case Plastic
Record time
(memory capacity in hours)
Battery life in record mode up to 80 h
Power supply Battery CR2016
Built-in microphone sensitivity up to 15 m
Built-in flash memory 256 Mb
Audio codec 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit
Recording format WAV
Compression method uLaw
Frequency band 0,1-10 kHz
Dynamic range 90 dB
Sample rate 8, 16, 22
Indication of operation LED
Voice Activating System YES
Timer recording NO
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