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Margus 4 - Multi-Detection System

Margus 4 - Multi-Detection System

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Understanding the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum is the main focus of a sweep operation. The dedicated probes will work in any environment to detect all types of audio transmitters, RF and GPS tracking transmitters and, will detect low power transmitters designed to evade less sensitive systems.

Additionally, the microphone probe detects both active and non-active microphones which are hard wired.

The system is automatically reconfigured as each probe is connected – leaving the operator to concentrate on the search itself. With the demodulation mode the presence of a surveillance device can be verified either manually or automatically. Following any routine sweep the Margus 4 can be set up on a permanent or semi-permanent basis to guard the area and log any incidents.

The probes for the Margus 4 are: Radio Frequency, Telephone analyser, Laser/Infra-Red, Microphone, Mains power carrier and camera.

  • Easy to use with wide ranging probes
  • Automatic reconfiguration for each probe
  • Detection of room, telephone and tracking transmitters
  • Sensitivity to detect low power transmitters
  • Gives alerts for burst transmitters
  • Detection of transmitters, current carrier devices and line modifications
  • Detection of devices operating in infra-red frequencies
  • Detects both active and non-active microphones.
  • Finds devices using the mains power circuit for transmission


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