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Margus 7 - Multi-detection system

Margus 7 - Multi-detection system

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Discovering hidden high-tech surveillance devices used by foreign agencies, terrorists or criminals is now more difficult. However, with the new generation Margus 7 multi-detection system,the operator will find hidden devices whether they are wireless or wired using its range of smart probes which are tuned to detect these hidden threats from 50 KHz up to 12 GHz.

The system takes the operator to the hidden threat with its distance measurement tool which pinpoints the location of covert transmitters or  transmission link such as a cell phone 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and audio or video devices. Live analysis data is recorded and archived directly onto the system for immediate identification of current or historic threats.

To combat wired threats, a probe activates and sniffs on devices over existing wiring (LAN, RJ45, telephone RJ11 & spare cabling) by automatically scanning all combinations which saves both time and energy.

The Margus 7 is equipped with the following:

  1. Intelligent RF antenna
  2. Cable Analyser probe
  3. IR, Laser & Camera probe
  4. Sonic & Ranging probe
  5. Mains Carrier probe
  6. Telescopic RF antenna

Key Features

  • Smart cable analyser probe to scan over all types of wires including LAN, RJ11 & RJ45
  • Detects hidden threats from 50KHz using the mains carrier probe
  • Detects and identifies transmission activities on the frequency allocation table from 50 KHz to 12 GHz with dedicated cell phone bands including 5G & WLAN
  • Distance measurement tool (accurate to 1cm) using cutting edge sonic labelling techniques
  • Detects IR, laser, visible beam & hidden optics
  • Extensive recording and archiving of the RF signal and the audio demodulated files
  • Adjustable sensitivity for each band

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