S600 3G GPS Tracker - 90 Day Back up Battery

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Price: $595.00

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S600 3G GPS Tracker - 90 Day Back up Battery

The S600 3G GPS is a unique GPS tracker because it features an large internal 5600mAh battery and it is IP67 waterproof rated, this means is in can be used on on wide range of vehicles, trailers, caravans and plant equipment. The internal battery can last up to 90 days working with a 15 minute online window each day giving at least one GPS fix, this means that you will be able to locate the GPS unit and whatever it is fitted to even if the power to the unit has been cut. The S600 is a game changer in asset security and protection.


  • 3G - Can be used worldwide
  • Waterproof - Protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth
  • Dust proof - Protected from total dust ingress
  • Back up Battery - up to 90 Days standby time
  • Digital Inputs/Outputs - Connection to various sensors
  • Connected to our "Locate -GPS" online platform
  • Connected to Telstra - Australia wide coverage.