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Palladium C4 - Handheld Jammer Detector

Palladium C4 - Handheld Jammer Detector

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Developed for law enforcement and military agencies to monitor illegal jamming of surveillance and tracking systems the Palladium C4 is an intelligent hand-held detector that listens for and detects jamming activity on cell phone, GPS and UHF/VHF bands.

The Palladium C4 will detect illegal use of RF jamming equipment designed to defeat systems operating on radio frequencies which are being used as in-vehicle tracking or payment collection systems.

There is a choice of detection alarm signals – visual, audible and vibration. The threshold can be configured to operate for pre-selected transmission types.

Key Features

  • Easily understood display and intuitive operation
  • Dedicated jammer detector
  • Detects jammers on cell phone and GPS bands
  • Wideband detector; VHF/UHF range options available
  • Detection configuration retained when switched off

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