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Tactical Reverse Peep Hole Veiwer

Tactical Reverse Peep Hole Veiwer

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This high quality high end scope device is designed for reversing a regular door viewer which would let the user such as law enforcement or bail recovery see behind a closed door to scope out a situation inside a room silently before entering.

The new Reverse Peephole Viewer is perfect for law enforcement, private investigators or any other profession that requires frequently knocking on high risk doors.

This device gives you the advantage of knowing exactly who and what is on the other side of that door, allowing you to better assess and handle the situation. The rubber cone over the objective lens gives you the option of pressing the device against a digital camera to take photos through the viewer.


• Size: 28 X 80 mm
• Weight: 50 g
• View Angle: 10
• Eyepiece: +/- 5
• Eyepiece Ring: Detachable
• Objective Lens; Detachable
• Case: Synthetic Leather Case
• Using: Put Head Correctly At Door And View Through Objective Lens


• Reverse Door Peephole Lens
• Carrying Case
• Lens Cloth

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