SuperKit for S300 PRO GPS Trackers

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Price: $495.00

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SuperKit for S300 PRO GPS Trackers

This product is intended for clients which have already purchased an S300 or an S300 PRO GPS Tracker that require a longer lasting battery, the battery life is up to 2 months due to a smart vibration sensor which will completely switch off the GPS unit when no movement is detected and switch it back on again once movement is detected. This product is ideal for covert operations which require live GPS updates and where access is limited to the vehicle is limited, the case is fitted with a very strong Neo-Magnet which is suitable for off-road/rough conditions.

SuperKit - Contents

  • Pelican 1020 WaterProof Case
  • Rubberised Heavy Duty NeoMagent
  • Super Battery Kit with Vibration Sensor (3 Months Standby)

*GPS Tracker not provided