SD Telephone Recorder

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Product Overview

SD Telephone Recorder
Say goodbye to those nasty and messy telephone adapters and audio recorders with our all-in-one SD call telephone recorder, a simple solution for recording telephone calls in your home or office. The SD Telephone Recorder offers a breakthrough in price-performance and functionality by providing a reliable and simple method of telephone call recording.  This stand-alone telephone recorder is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to record telephone calls on a single line or off the handset of a multi-line telephone.  You can use the SD Telephone Recorder as a standalone product or with a P.C coupled with our FREE XTR software.

It is compatible with Analogue, Digital and I.P Phones and has many of the features available on advanced PC based systems. The SD telephone recorder also allows you to transfer recordings to your PC for playback, archive and management at your convenience.


  • Secure digital phone recording device
  • up to 330 hours of Phone Call Recordings on a 2gb memory card. (Optional)
  • Caller ID (when connected in line mode), digits dialed, time date duration and comments stored.
  • AC Power Adapter included.
  • Auto start/stop record using line current detect or voice detect.
  • Supplied with world renowned XtR Desktop player software for call serach, playback and management on PC.
  • Connects directly to analog phone lines or to digitial/IP telephones via the handset cord.
  • Built-in microphone for room & memo recording.
  • Backlit LCD displays all important call information and lists recent calls.
  • Rapid search and playback controls.
  • Playback recorded calls on the device or on a PC with included software.
  • Connect to PC via USB for easy call transfer