Shinobi Voice Recorder Pen

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Product Overview

Shinobi Pen (Spy Pen) 1GB

This high quality spy pen can secretly record voices and other audio nearby, and will store everything on the built-in memory, the Shinobi Spy Pen can be used in sound activated recording mode or constant recording mode, making it easy to use and ultra covert. 

The proverb; "The pen is mightier than the sword" rings true with our Shinobi Pen, it is a highly sensitive Voice Recorder disguised as a pen making it the ultimate weapon for anyone who needs to discreetly capture high quality audio.

This Spy Pen is easy to use and features an ultra-long 12-hour battery with an ultra-high sensitivity microphone which can be used in constant or sound activated recording mode. Just push down the pocket clip to start and up to stop, then listen back with the included earphones or upload your files to any computer with the included USB cable. This product is supplied with a remote control cable is which allows quick set up of:

  • Audio recording quality settings
  • Voice activation settings

This products features 'ARL' (Automatic Recording Level) circuitry ensures that your recordings are crisp and clear even when recording soft or distant audio sources.

When you've captured the audio you need, simply plug the pen into any computer to save your MP3 files to CD, hard disk, or even email them. Using the Shinobi Pen Recorder couldn't be easier - just click the pocket clip up and down to start and stop recording. And yes, it writes beautifully too.



 Built-in Microphone

icon-data.png 1GB of Storage 
icon-incognito.png Covert design 
icon-usb.png Easily Accessible via USB 
hidden-controls-icon.png Hidden Controls and Ports
icon-sound-activated.png Sound activated
icon-battery.png  Battery Powered

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