Data Recovery Service - Mobile Phone

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Price: $650.00

Product Overview

Data Recovery Service - Mobile Phone

Mobile phones almost out-number people on the planet and are used not just for making calls these days, our phones contain data about what we do everyday and thats why recovering data from a mobile phone can reveal almost everything about its user.
With this service we will extract ALL the Visible, Invisible & Deleted data from the phone and place it on a USB memory card. The files are attached to a viewing program so you can view all the phone contents easily and without having the actual phone present. This type of extraction is very useful when you need to provide the data to a third party and extra useful when needing to provide evidence in a court of law. Law Courts accept this type of data evidence because the data cannot be tampered with or have additional files added to it.

- Criminal & Civil Proceedings
- Child Protection matters
- Family Law Matters
- Locating Missing Persons
- Private Investigations
- Security Issues
- Espionage
- Infidelity Investigations

99.9% of phones are compatible with our equipment, and in some cases we can even extract data from broken or locked phones. However there is an additional fee for mobile phones in this condition.

Note: The cost of this service is as listed above, however in the cases where we cannot extract any data for whatever reason, we will not charge you the FULL service fee. In this case the service fee will be refunded with the exception of $150.00 which is kept as the 'evaluation fee'