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Data Wiping Service - Mobile Phone


Product Description

Data Wiping Service - Mobile Phone / Tablet

Thinking about selling, trading or donating your phone or Tablet?
You would think that carrying out a Factory Reset on your mobile device would completely delete all your personal information, right?
This is not the case, Most of the data, including personal information, still remains accessible on the local storage well after a Factory reset.

The data is present in your phone memory and can be easily recovered using a free data-recovery tools which can be readily purchased from the internet. In a research by a popular Anti-Virus company, 20 used Android phones were bought from eBay and with the help of Data-recovery tools, they managed to recover, above 40,000 photos, 250 contacts, 750 Texts and emails and other such personal data.
This means, it is actually quite easy to gain all this personal information just by using a simple tool.

At Triple-S we have the expertise and tools to either completely remove your personal data and 'break' it up so it becomes completely unrecoverable from your phone. Think about the things you store on your phone, do you really want anyone getting their hands on that?

Why send you phone to us?

- We are industry security licenced
- We have the expertise
- We have the tools
- We provide you with a 'Data Wipe Certificate'

Dispatch Instructions provided on purchase of this service.

Please contact us for Bulk pricing.


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