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Spy Product Videos

LawMate® PV-EP10W Camera DVR - Wireless Headphones (WiFi)

The LawMate® PV-EP10W is a 1080p hidden camera built into a pair of common wireless type headphones, It can record high quality video and audio, and can last up to 100 minutes whilst continuously recording with Wi-Fi enabled. The camera is located in the left ear muff when facing forward and right ear muff when faced rearward and the wireless feature allows the user to view and manage the live image feed. It is a great surveillance tool out in public and inside gym's


USB - Digital Audio Voice Recorder 8GB

The USB Digital Audio & Voice Recorder can covertly record any surrounding voices and audio, all while being disguised as a USB memory stick. It features a hidden, secret switch on the back for either sound activation for automatic voice recording or constant voice recording.

It has a long battery life of 25 days when used in voice activation mode. Total battery life when recording is 24hrs and is dependant of the number of activations (max 999 seperate files). The USB Digital Audio & Voice Recorder is a similar size to a USB memory stick, measuring 68 x 11 x 21mm & weighs 14.7 grams


Stealth Cam GXW-Wireless Trail Camera

The Stealth Cam GXW-Wireless Trail Camera is an outdoor standalone Trail camera packed with features, it captures high-quality 4MP, 8MP and 12MP pictures as well as 1080p HD video (H.264 video compression) with audio.
This product also features 45 invisible black Infrared emitters which can reach up to 30 Metres.


BB18 Smartphone Controlled Audio & Video Recorder

The BB18 is a tiny, smartphone-controlled audio & video recorder which can be set up for motion or sound activated recording. It is controlled via Bluetooth from any smartphone, the free app can be found on the App Store (DVR Widget). Recording is as easy as pressing and holding the power button for 2s until the green LED comes on, or by turning the device on via your smartphone.

Please note that the video streaming via the app is not a supported feature at this time.


USB Keyboard Keylogger PRO

The USB Keyboard Keylogger Pro is an enhanced version of the USB Keylogger, with additional connectivity options. It works both as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and as a Wi-Fi device, enabling features such as Email reports, time-stamping, and data streaming. This Keylogger only measures 0.8" (21mm) in length, the USB Keylogger is by far the smallest keylogger available on the market.

The Pro version adds a powerful set of features centred around the capability to act both as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a Wi-Fi device with Internet connectivity. This unleashes a broad set of options, such as email reporting, time-stamping, and live data streaming.


LawMate® Phone Desktop Charger Hidden Camera

This desktop phone charger (iPhone or Samsung) is fitted with a hidden camera which will record hi quality audio & 1080P video on a an onboard memory card. This product also is WiFI enabled which you can wirelesly connect your phone to the camera for viewing the recorded files and also adjusting the settings.

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                 iPhone                                                       Samsung

LawMate® PV-EG20 Camera DVR - Glasses

An All in One camera and digital video recorder hidden within glasses which Records directly to Micro SD card (up to 32GB) in HD 720p video @ 30fps. Time and Date stamped videos with a Simple one-button operation for power and record. Sensor sensitivity of 3.3 Lux @ f/2.8 and Continuous recording up to 60 minutes on a single charge.


LawMate® PV-BT10i Camera DVR - Bluetooth Speaker (WiFi)

The LawMate® PV-BT10i is a 1080p Camera DVR concealed within a Bluetooth speaker which will record video and audio onto an SD memory card, this product can stream live footage remotely to a smartphone via it's built-in Wi-Fi.



4G 1080P Hidden Camera Kit - Portable

This product is a hidden camera kit which can be accessed from anywhere in the world using our phone APP on the 4G mobile phone network, it has an onboard recorder and can accommodate up to a 128GB SD memory card. The ability to access live images remotely is a game changer in the surveillance industry especially if the subject is highly surveillance aware, surveillance agents no longer to endure hours and hours of static surveillance to obtain information about a subjects movements.


Black Box Security Cameras - BB15, BB16, BB32

All in one portable covert camera DVR units, Motion activation, scheduled recording, day/night switching infrared night vision and more.

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             BB15                                         BB16                                       BB32

Sound Recorder - Disguised Power Bank

Powerbanks are everywhere these days, people use them to recharge their mobile phones when out and about, so having one on a desk in your bag is not uncommon. This product contains a secret sound activated voice recorder which is capable of recording for 14 days in continuous mode or 150 days in voice activated mode. A USB cable is provided and listening to the audio recordings is easy, just connect the device to a computer (Windows or MAC) and the files will appear in the device memory folder and can be played by selecting the file.

This product also has adjustable settings for time, date, sound quality and sound level activation.


Computer Keyboard Keylogger - USB

This device is a keyboard logger / recorder which will record every keyboard key typed. It has 2GB of memory which will amount to around 6 months of normal keyboard usage. The KeyLogger can only accessed by with password protected menu system. Installation is very easy as it ts discretely between the keyboard and the PC's socket connection. It's also completely undetectable from the PC user as it requires no software or drivers


LawMate® PV-PB20i Power Bank Covert Spy Camera DVR

The camera records in full HD (1080p/720p/WVGA) at 30fps and the fully-functional power bank will charge your electronic devices while also capturing video footage that can be viewed and managed remotely on the included app. Control, view, and download video using the app when the camera is connected to WiFi. Video can also be stored on-board using a memory card up to 32GB.

The large battery gives you a long life, allowing for 6.5 hours of recording. LED indicators on the device covertly show battery life, charging, WiFi connectivity, and recording. This versatile and portable device is perfect for short-term, on-the-go surveillance, especially in hotel rooms or vacation rentals where you want to make sure that your belongings are safe.


LawMate® PV-WT10 Camera DVR - Smart Watch

The LawMate PV-WT10 is a 720P Camera DVR concealed in a Smart Watch, this product can record audio and video for person-person contact applications, and features a 90-min battery life whilst continuous recording.



LawMate® PV-RC10FHD TV Remote Hidden Spy Camera DVR

This TV Remote Hidden Camera captures everything in front of it in Full HD / 1080p resolution. It can be triggered by body heat, motion, or sound, and all of the files are time-and-date stamped for easy viewing.

The recorded footage can easily be viewed by inserting the MicroSD card into a computer and viewing the .MOV files.



LawMate® PV-CG20 USB Car Charger IR Hidden Spy Camera

  • Full HD / 1080p resolution for sharp, crisp footage
  • Infrared Camera for night filming
  • H.264 encoded video, giving you small file sizes with premium quality
  • Full adjustment of the charging hub / lens, including pan, tilt, and rotate
  • Memory card slot can be hidden and revealed by rotating the hard shell
  • Recording begins when the car is started, and stops and saves automatically when the car is turned off
  • Ultra compact design
  • Built in high quality sensor from Sony
  • Records 1080p @ 30fps
  • 4.6mm wide angle lens
  • Superb low-light performance, 0.1 lux @ f/2.0


LawMate® PV-UC10i Camera DVR - USB Charger (WiFi)

The LawMate® PV-UC10i is a Audio and Video recorder concealed inside a USB power supply, simply plug the unit into a power-point which faces towards your subject area.

This product has WiFi feature and can be connected to your WiFi network which allows it to be viewed from anywhere in the world via your mobile phone. Just download our viewer APP and connect.


Shinobi Voice Recorder Pen

This high quality spy pen can secretly record voices and other audio nearby, and will store everything on the built-in memory, the Shinobi Spy Pen can be used in sound activated recording mode or constant recording mode, making it easy to use and ultra covert. 

The proverb; "The pen is mightier than the sword" rings true with our Shinobi Pen, it is a highly sensitive Voice Recorder disguised as a pen making it the ultimate weapon for anyone who needs to discreetly capture high quality audio.



S300 PRO - Magnetic GPS Tracker

The S300 PRO GPS Tracker is portable GPS Tracker which is water/dust resistant, it also features a strong Neo-Magnet which can be attached to the underside of trucks, trailers, caravans, cars and even be placed inside water vessels such as boats and Jetskis. This GPS tracker is also suitable for use covert applications for tracking vehicles, shipping containers and delivery packages.

Some clients also use this GPS tracker to track employees for safety and compliance purposes, the GPS unit features an SOS button which can be programmed to send an emergency alert notification with a GPS location to the operator.

All our Locate-GPS products are a hassle free form of tracking, each Locate-GPS product is programmed and synced to automatically send location data to your personal "Web Account" on our website platform, the data is stored there for 90 days at a time and you can login from anywhere at anytime to view it


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