StealthCam Digital Night Vision Binoculars

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StealthCam Digital Night Vision Binoculars

When most are settling in for the night, some are getting the best part of their day started. Like the nocturnal species they pursue, this unique facet of outdoorsmen knows not everything slows down after sunset, that Mother Nature is at her best once night has fallen.

The Stealth Cam®  DNVB Digital Night Vision Binoculars light up the dark, adding color to critters as far out as 400 feet, thanks to their advanced low-light CMOS sensor and 1.5-inch high-resolution TFT display.

With an integrated infrared filter designed for light, bright conditions and a single-watt infrared illuminator with enhanced lens geared to work under much the opposite, they’re even capable of capturing still images and video, day or night. Plus, by adjusting the frame rate to 30, 25, 15 or eight frames per second, you’re able to exert complete control over the number of images captured per second in the lens’s seven-degree field of view.

Toggling the focus and inter-pupillary adjustment settings on the dual eyepieces adds crispness and clarity to your sight picture, while tuning the 9X digital zoom and 3x20mm high-quality objective lens helps you hone in on the finer details – ensuring you know everything about your target that can be gathered at a glance. And, whether you’re enjoying a calm, quiet night or braving the elements, the no-slip rubberized grip promotes a solid, steady hold as you scope out your surroundings.

But, should the excitement of the evening get the better of you, don’t worry about it. Stealth Cam has wrapped these binos in rugged ABS high-impact housing that easily withstands bumps, drops and tumbles to extend the life of your trusted night-vision device.

SD card slot accepts up to 32GB memory cards (not included). Tripod mount compatible, with built-in base attachment. Powered by four AA batteries (not included).