SNB-100R - Slim UHF Receiver

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Product Overview

SNB-100R UHF Receiver

SNB-100R is the thinnest receiver. One of our "SHINOBI" series.


  • The thinest body. It is only 6mm in thicknes
  • Easy operation. Just plug in earphone antenna and
    it start working
  • Receiving UHF-A, B and C channel.
  • No antenna . Earphone cable works as a antenna

Technical Specifications

 Product Name SNB-100R
 Size 55 x 85 x 6mm
 Weight 28g (with a lithium battery) / Earphone 7g
 Power Supply Lithium button battery CR-2430(3V) x 1
 Battery Life Approx. 7h
 Available Channels UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
 D/E/F Channel Not Available
 P/Q Channel Not Available
Output Ø2.5mm mono (ear)