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Product Overview


LocateGPS Phone / Tablet GPS Tracker - Application - 1 Year licence

The LocateGPS Phone /Tablet GPS Tracker is an application which is installed onto either an Apple or Android based mobile device which effectively turns that device into a GPS tracker, once installed the APP automatically will send GPS data to our LocateGPS cloud based GPS tracking platform, All GPS data will be logged and can be viewed from a computer desktop or another mobile Phone or Tablet.

The Application is very easy to use.


  • Track your loved ones where ever they may be in the world
  • Track yourself or for record keeping
  • See where your employees are in real time

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Use a phone/tablet as an alternative to purchasing a GPS Tracker

Compatible with

  • Apple         - All Versions
  • Android      - All Versions

LocateGPS Platform

The location data is sent to your personal website account and stored in such a way that you can easily see movements in real-time and also see historical movements giving you locations, times, dates and stationary duration.

You can login from:

  • a desktop computer
  • a laptop computer
  • any smartphone using our special app which is available for FREE from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.