Phone Call Recorder Software (Automatic)

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Price: $195.00

Product Overview

Automatic Telephone Recorder Software

This version of software is suitable for applications where you want to automatically record and save all calls to a computer and can also be configured so no computer desktop icons are visible making the product hidden.The software automatically commences recording when voice is detected on the phone line and automatically stops recording and saves the recording when a short (programmable) period of silence is detected.

This version can also be operated in a semi-automatic or manual mode - allowing you to automatically record all conversations but then select which calls you want to save. When used with our USB Telephone Recording Adapters other hardware triggers may be available to provide more more accurate method start and stop automatic recording.


  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Support for our USB Telephone Recording Adapters including extra auto start features
  • Auto File naming - with time and date stamp.
  • Select-able recording quality - allows you to determine the temporary HD disk space used for the raw recording.
  • Select-able file format - allows compression of raw recording before saving file.
  • Auto post processing to move, compress or Zip files.
  • Use Function Keys or mouse to activate Record/ Pause/ Playback.
  • Play recorded conversations through your PCs Sound card to speakers or headset.
  • Play pre-recorded messages or beeps to the Telephone Line.

System Requirements

  • IBM compatible PC.
  • Sound Card or Free USB port if used in conjunction with USB Telephone Recording Adaptor.
  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, or 7

Phone Adapter Type

  • Standard Adapter - This type of adapter connects to the telephone line before the telephone and is used is with standard type analogue phones
  • IP Phone Adapter - This type of adapter connects to the telephone handset and is used with Internet / Digital Type phones (I.P Phones)