TX-11A - Audio Transmitter Bug (FM Radio)

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Product Overview

The TX-11A is an audio transmitter which you can listen to live through a FM radio or a Radio app on your smart phone, the distance of transmission is approximately 20 Metres. This produce is very afordable and is small enough that it can be consealed almost anywere.


  1. Long battery life.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Doesn't require expensive audio receievers.


Product Name TX-11Alpha
Size 30 x 15 x 43mm
Weight 46g
Antenna Φ1 x 880mm, 3g
Power Supply N x 1
Battery Life 120hrs (alkaline), 60hrs (manganese)
Available Channels FM (trimmer ajustable, near 89MHz)
P/Q Channel Not Available
Average Transmitting Range
( Cities - Suburbs / At line of sight)
Output Power 10mW