TX-11A - Audio Transmitter Bug (FM Radio)

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Price: $159.00

Product Overview

The TX-11A is FM radio type audio transmitter, you can tune in and listen to the audio transmissions with the use of any FM radio as a receiver including your radio in your vehicle.


  1. Long battery life.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Doesn't require expensive audio receievers.


Product Name TX-11Alpha
Size 30 x 15 x 43mm
Weight 46g
Antenna Φ1 x 880mm, 3g
Power Supply N x 1
Battery Life 120hrs (alkaline), 60hrs (manganese)
Available Channels FM (trimmer ajustable, near 89MHz)
P/Q Channel Not Available
Average Transmitting Range
( Cities - Suburbs / At line of sight)
Output Power 10mW