ULX-40L - UHF Audio Transmitter with External Microphone

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Price: $425.00

Product Overview

The ULX-40L is a UHF audio transmitter with 3m length external microphone, the advantage of this product you can set microphone close to the target and place the transmitter main body near a window to obtain transmitting distance and reception.

  The ULX-40L battery will keep working for 420hr with normal two alkaline batteries


  1. Long Battery Life (420h by Alkaline x 2).
  2. Easy Operation.
  3. Metal Body Construction


Product Name ULX-40L
Size Body:31 x 73 x 18mm
Antenna:Ø2 x 215mm
Mic:Φ7mm capacitor mic with 3m cable.
10m cable type is available by order (Optional item)
Weight Body 114g
Antenna 3.5g
Mic 22g
Power Supply "AA" (R6P / LR6) type battery (1.5V) x 2
Battery Life Approx.420h
Available Channels UHF-A, UHF-B, UHF-C
D/E/F Channel Not Available
P/Q Channel Not Available