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Lica 4 - Non-Linear Junction Detector

Lica 4 - Non-Linear Junction Detector

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Powerful and highly sensitive, the Lica 4 detects semiconductor circuits in electronic devices regardless of whether they are in use, in stand-by mode, or even turned off. The state-of-the-art Lica 4 exposes and finds the exact location of any electronic hidden threat.

By emitting probing signals in the areas of suspected threat, the Lica 4 analyses the reflected signal which enables the operator to pinpoint real semiconductors. The primary search targets are circuit boards with conductive elements or semiconductor parts connected to them. A non linear current-voltage curve transforms the initial signal into higher frequency harmonics.

Key Features

  • Detects any device using semiconductor technology
  • Electronics detected in walls, floors, ceilings or containers
  • Finds the exact location of hidden devices
  • LCD display for set-up and control
  • Internal/external speakers for audio signals
  • Available with extended handle

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